How to find bus tickets easily during Diwali


Everyone wants to travel home during Diwali and why not, Diwali is one time festival in the complete year which everyone wishes to celebrate with family. But unfortunately sometimes, people don't get confirmed tickets with trains and they do not want to travel by air because of high ticket price or unavailability of flights to their home towns.

What one an do in such situation? I will give one very simple solution to this problem. However I know you may find it somewhat not that helpful but believe me it will help you reach out your home during anytime/season of the year. The solution I am talking about is to travel home by bus. Yes you heard it right. I am talking about travelling home during Diwali by bus.

Today most of the states are having their own transport corporation and most of them are online. You can book tickets online easily and can travel without any trouble. You will get detailed tutorials on web that will explain the entire process of booking with these corporations.

Coming to Karnataka state then KSRTC serves one of the most populous bus crowd in the entire country. They serves thousands of travelers daily. I have found one step by step tutorial about KSRTC Online Booking which you can also use. I have used it personally and it helped me in many ways.

Talking about other corporations then you can easily find tutorials on web or just visit the official website of those corporations and try booing tickets by referencing above tutorial. Please let me know if you need help on this.

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