Top 10 Best HD Rangoli Design for Happy Diwali 2015


As Diwali festival comes very closer, school or colleges organizes either inter or intra college/school competition on Diwali, in which students have to either write essay on Diwali, deliver best speech on Diwali or make best Rangoli design on Diwali festival. So here we will design some of the top Rangoli HD design which you can also made in your home/offices on Diwali.

About Rangoli, Rangoli Design & How to make Rangoli

Rangoli is a Sanskrit word which means a creative expression of art/design/painting through use of different colours either on pages or on floors. Another meaning of Rangoli may be arranging different colours in lots of rows and column which means creeper of Rangoli. So Rangoli means creating or drawing images, different art and other beautiful design on walls and floors of houses and offices.

Rangoli Design for Diwali with Ganesh

This is one of the simplest and most popular Rangoli designs which everyone can design in their homes and offices. You can easily design it by making lots of circles on the floors and fill it with different colours.

HD Rangoli design for houses and offices

Another simple and attractive Rangoli design is ‘Peacock’ which you can easily make in your homes/offices. It looks complex when you see it first time but once you draw the base shape then only you have to make border and corner only.

Rangoli Design with Flowers and Lights

If you think Ganesh and Peacock designs are difficult to make then you can make simple Rangoli design with Flowers and Light (Diya). You can make lots of Diya in the middle of design and in the corner you can shape it with different kinds of flowers and shaded it with colours.

Free Hand Rangoli Design

You can also make Rangoli design with free hand all you have to needs a lots of bright and shining colours in your hand and design whatever you think in your mind.

Rangoli Design with Social Messages

You can also make Rangoli design on social awareness such as on Cancer, Save Girl Child theme, save environment etc. So it is one of the best Rangoli designs which you can make in your offices and also update it on your Facebook wall, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

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