How to celebrate Safe Diwali


Diwali of one of the most awaited festival of Indians which is celebrated almost in each and every house across the country. The preparation starts for Diwali many weeks ago with cleaning and decoration of houses etc. As Diwali without crackers means Sun without light and Sea without Fish, so small kids love to burst heavy crackers which will cause some dangerous accidents or other miss-happening. So here are some tips to celebrate Safe and Happy Diwali with Kids.

Safe Diwali

As Diwali is a festival of Light not of Crackers, so on this day you can celebrate safe Diwali with your friends you family members by avoiding crackers as much as you can and if possible don’t burst crackers to save environment. So here we will talk about some tips to celebrate safe Diwali this year.

Diwali Crackers

Most of the accidents happen with heavy crackers, so this Diwali you must have to take pledge to avoid heavy crackers and use only few cracker with low intensity because it is a festival of Light not of Noise pollution.

Children should only burst light intensity crackers in presence of an adult. You must have wear cotton clothes while bursting the crackers and not any synthetic or silks clothes because they catches fire easily as compared to cotton clothes. Always wear shoes and burst crackers from some distance and explode cracker only on soil and never explode in your own hands or don’t throw here and there.

Fire Safety & First-Aid-Box for Diwali

While bursting the crackers you must take some primary precautions such as always keep bucket of water or sand/soil near the bursting place.
Never burst heavy crackers inside the home and only burst the crackers in a free space far away from the homes.
Always keeps a First-Aid-Box in a home and in case of emergency you can take the primary precautions.
Never light candles outside the home for whole night which may cause serious hazards.
You must have to use good quality electronics lights which should not short circuit.

Environmental Safety on Diwali

Nowadays global warming is one the major problem which whole universe is facing so we must have to think about our planet health and safety. Heavy intensity crackers may causes noise as well as air pollution which affects our body, so we have to avoid crackers as much as we can.

Food Safety on Diwali

Diwali is also popular for various kind of sweets, so only buy dry fruits and sweets from reputed shops/stores because unscrupulous business men use and sold synthetic sweets which affects our body’s tissues. So be careful about it and if you want to eat sweets then try to get some from genuine stores only.

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