Eco Friendly Diwali Tips and Crackers


Diwali is one of the sweetest and dynamic festivals of Indians which is celebrated every year in the month mid-October to November. This festival is celebrated by every age of people from children to old age but their method of celebration is different means Children celebrates this festival by bursting crackers, women and girls celebrates Diwali by cleaning, decorating houses and designing Rangoli while old age peoples celebrates it by playing card and in later night they together worship the Gods and Goddess. So here we have listed some low pollution crackers which you can burst on or before Diwali festival which doesn’t affect so much environment. So we are talking about how to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali by using low pollution crackers.

Eco Friendly Diwali

If you ask children what is Diwali? Then most of the time you will hear the answer that Diwali means bursting crackers. Yes, it is right that Diwali means bursting Crackers but when you burst crackers it lead to sound as well as air pollution which will definitely affect our environment. So we also have to think about our planet because if we pollute it ultimately it will cause harm to our life. So on this Diwali we will take pledge that we will burst only low pollution cracker on this Diwali and upcoming Diwali in future.

Low Pollution Cracker for Eco Friendly Diwali

As Diwali is coming closer to closer, children love to burst cracker during the evening. They are innocent and don’t care about the nature, so we have to advise them about harm of bursting more powerful crackers. Because if you burst powerful crackers which will lead to air pollution as well as sound pollution and small kid also fear from the sound of crackers and even in some cases when you burst crackers in your hand then you will lost the ability of heard and become deaf.

So if you want to burst crackers on Diwali, then you can burst such as Puljari, Anar, Chakri, Balloon Candle Cracker etc. which will not cause too much air as well as sound pollution. Even if you are adult then you can also avoid bursting crackers.

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