Diwali Party Themes, Ideas, Games & Recipes


Happy Diwali 2015 will be celebrated on 11th November across all over the world with great enthusiasm and dynamically. But, you don’t have any ideas in your minds that how to celebrate or enjoy Diwali festival, so don’t worry here we have discussed about the Diwali Party Themes and Ideas which you can also use to celebrate Diwali with your friends, family and relatives to makes this Diwali special.

Diwali Party Ideas

Diwali is one of the dynamic festivals of Indian culture which you can celebrate with your family member and in case if you are far away from the homes than you can celebrate this festival with your friends and colleagues. You can enjoy/celebrate Diwali with your friends and family member by organizes small party either at home or restaurant/hotel. You can organize different kinds of party such as ‘Garden Party’, Lively Theme for Happy Diwali’, Punjabi/Maharashtrian/Rajasthani/NE theme for Deepavali’, Colour Theme etc.

Diwali Party Events/Games

Once you decide the themes for Deepavali party, but you must have to decide main events or games which you play/perform during the party, so that party doesn’t getting bored. You can play different games such as Card Games with bridge, rummy and black jack, musical chair games, musical games and competitive group games etc.

You can also perform different events such as singing competition, dance competition, Lighting candles, making different design of Rangoli, Ethnic dress competition etc.

Deepavali Party Recipes/Menu Card

Diwali Party Recipes depend upon the taste of person present in the party. You can start party with eating different Indian sweets. Main course of the party will consist with either traditional North-Indian or Sooth Indian dishes. At the end you can serve either Kheer or Moong Dal Halwa etc.

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