Best Diwali Lights for Diwali evening


Diwali is one of the brightest festivals of Indian cultural which is celebrated every year in mid-October to mid-November month (Hindi calendar month Karthik). Before a week of Diwali evening people decorate and clean their houses with new colours and uses different diwali lighting and other different methods. So here we will discuss some of the best diwali decoration lights which you can also used in your homes or offices during Diwali without any danger.

Diwali Lights

There is a very interesting fact behind Diwali lantern but only few people know about it. It is believed that Diwali comes on No Moon Day night which in our local language we called as ‘Purnima’ means a night of Soul/Devil. So we will light Diwali lamps and Diwali lantern in front of main door or around the homes.

Some people also believed that when Lord Rama came back after 14 years long exile with his wife Sita and brother Laxman to ‘Ayodhya, then people of Ayodhya light different candles and Diya (with desi ghee) around the homes to welcome Lord’s Rama.

Diwali Lights Online

You can also decorate your home or office with different kind of electronics lights on or before Diwali evening. You can buy different lighting from the online store with bumper offer. These lights are automatic and multi-tasking means it blinks in different ways and emits different colours. You can also use LED bulbs which emits different colours and form different shapes on walls or floor. You can also built or buy a special LED board on which you display word such as ‘Happy Diwali 2015’, ‘Shubh Deepavali’ and ‘Wish You Happy Diwali’ etc.

Diwali Decoration Lights

Instead of electronics or digital lighting you can also uses traditional Indian lighting such as Diya and Candle in your home. Electronics lighting are too much costly and have a fear of short circuit. Because, if everyone uses electronics lighting then tradition of candle and Diya will be lost somewhere, so we have to keep Diya alive on Diwali festival.
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