What should be proper Diwali in terms of pre-requisites and celebration


What a proper Diwali/Deepwali should be like? Do you have answers to this question? It is true that Diwali has different meaning for different individual and it varies accordingly. So the question comes, can we describe the term PROPER DIWALI? Frankly speaking it seems quite difficult to sum up everyone’s expectations into one single bundle but here I will try my level best. I will be going the best ethical that will be the combination of both today’s as well as past’s approaches.

Diwali in terms of Pre-Requisites

Are there any pre-requisites in Diwali? Are you kidding? I know these are obvious questions that strikes mind after reading the heading. Yes there are some pre-requisites for celebrating Diwali. Biggest pre-requisite is cleanliness. After PM Narendra Modi initiation on Sawachh Bhart Abhiyan/Campaign, I think Diwali will be the best time to follow it properly (although you should follow it on regular basis).

Just clean the area within 10 meter radius from your house and you will see the magic (if you can ask other society members to do the same). You will find yourself in a much better hygienic condition better than ever. Besides this make sure to clean your house from internal end also. Clean every corner of your house. If you found some old clothes, accessories that you are not using now, please donate then to poor. Nothing can be better than this.

If you belong to North India then please try to donate some woollen clothes. Believe me this can be the best gift you can ever give in your entire life.

Diwali in terms of celebrations

Now comes the main question, how to celebrate Diwali in a decent manner? So you can celebrate Diwali like this:

• Get up early in the morning (I know it’s tough but you can try for one day)
• Get ready
• Go for shopping or some other place according to your schedule
• Buy some crackers (but please no heavy one’s and try to avoid as much as possible). Personally I will never suggest you to go with this option, but it’s India and we don’t care about the thing called “NATURE” right? Come on friends please be little responsible and try to avoid such things to best extent.
• Donate something to poor
• Never ever indulge yourself in any bad thing today (you know what I mean). Not only Diwali but please try to stay away from such things throughout your life. There is nothing kept in such things.
• In night, do proper Puja/Aarti, light the candles and explode some crackers (optional)
• Distribute sweats among your loving one’s (best approach is to distribute sweats in entire locality, by doing this you got the chance to taste different-different sweats and different customs also). Try this, it’s really a fun task.
• Wrap up and sleep well

So this is all you can do to make your Diwali a special and unforgettable day. Suggestions are welcomed in form of comments.

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