INTRODUCTION: Diwali meaning, rituals, customs and activities


India is known for diverse culture, customs and festivals. When it comes to festival then one can’t skip Diwali or Deepawali at all. Diwali is the biggest mass festival of India which is celebrated by billions of enthusiastic people. Diwali is also known as Deepawali and in literal meaning it stands for “Rows of Light Lamps (also called Deep in Hindi). I hope I don’t need to describe this word Diwali anymore. If you have celebrated Diwali ever then you must be knowing the rich tradition it embeds from past.

Diwali is famous not among Indians only, it has scaled up to the world level and now it is celebrated across world in different geographies. For some people Diwali means Crackers, for some Diwali means sweats (I personally loved it when I was a kid), for some people Diwali means following their customs in terms of worshiping Lord Rama, Goddess Lakshmi. As we all know GOOD and BAD are the two sides of coin, you will also find some people for whom Diwali means everything but in a bad direction. I would request all such people not to engage themselves in any such activity rather they should participate in different-different activities that happens in and around this festival of light.

Main Activities in Diwali

Central core of Diwali is same throughout India (i.e. victory of light over dark) but activities varies from place to place. Diwali is celebrated is remembrance of Lord Rama returning back to home city Ayodhya after 14 years and triumph over Ravana. Again I will not go deep into history. So coming back to the activities, then main activities in Diwali includes:

• Cleaning every corner of house
• Decorating house with Diwali Wallpapers, Lightings, Post Cards etc (main motive is to decorate the house with whatever is suitable for you)
• Lakshmi Pujan
• Sweets exchange
• Celebration in terms of crackers, food (I personally avoid exploding crackers as it leads to pollution. I would request you all to avoid heavy crackers as much as possible)
• Having chit chats and then finally off to bed

So these are some basic and most widely used activities that one perform during Diwali. I would urge all people not to engage themselves in any bad activity and in the process of exploding extra and heavy crackers. We should be very formal during Diwali and should consider it as the festival of light not the festival of crackers or anything else. Just decorate your house well, light every corner, prepare yummy dishes, get together with family, friends and relatives.

That’s it! This is all about a normal and common Diwali in India. If you want to add some points then you are welcome. Have a Happy and Safe Diwali.

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