How to make Diwali 2015 a memorable event


Want to make Diwali 2015 a special one? If your answer is yes then here we are with some tips that will help you remember Diwali 2015 for a log period. Diwali is the occasion of light and is celebrated to showcase the triumph of light against dark. We all should inherit the basis teaching of Diwali i.e. we should never ever walk on illegal path. Ravna was a scholar and he had various instruments of that era (by the term instruments I mean facilities like airplane (vimaan), powers, knowledge of Vedas and lot more). The only bad thing he did was to take Sita to Lanka. It became the plot of Ramayana and according to scriptures it was all planned in advance. Let’s leave the history behind and focus on main topic.

How to make Diwali 2015 Special

You can make Diwali 2015 special by following things:

• Sending loved one’s Diwali 2015 Messages
• Pinging all FB, Whatsapp friends by sending them Diwali 2015 Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook
• Changing one bad habit into good one (it could be anything from your day to day activity. Please choose the one that can bring change in a big manner. I would personally select getting up early in the morning so that I can never get out of time throughout the entire day). Let me give some ideas: staring gym, morning walk, evening walk, some training etc

• Donating something to poor families (small contribution will count also). Best way is to donate the things that you don’t use anymore but are in working conditions. You can donate your clothes also.
• By cleaning the area around your house
• By leaving bad habits like smoking, drinking
• Not cracking more crackers (if possible then try not to crack any of them), we should care for our mother nature.

List will go long if I start including different personalities as different-different personalities have different views. These are some general ideas that can make your Diwali 2015 a memorable one which you will not forget for years. Just think over it, one day you will say like I had stopped smoking from Diwali 2015 which changed my life and several other quotes of similar pitch.

We would like to hear your ideas which can make your Diwali a memorable moment that can be cherished life long.

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