Home Decoration Tips for Diwali 2015


Diwali is approaching fast and you are still stuck with the question how to decorate your home beautifully for this occasion, right. Don’t worry we will try to help you out with best possible ways to decorate your house for Diwali. Here we will be sharing some common tips that will help you stand out from the rush and hopefully will bring joy to your home.

How to decorate homes beautifully for Diwali

See frankly speaking it depends on the pattern/design of your home. I mean decoration varies from house to house or you can say from structure to structure. I am sharing some common tips and most probably you will find something for your design also. So here we go.

• If your house has a transparent window that opens toward main society then you can purchase a designed light for that portion. Here I am talking about specific pattern Diwali lights not the usual ones. You will easily find different-different patterns of specific Diwali lights like some will be displaying OM, some Lord Rama, Sita and sort of things. Go for the catchy one and decorate your window accordingly.

• In some part of country, it is a tradition to draw footmarks o Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali. It may or may not be the tradition in your part, leave that behind but believe me it looks awesome. You can either find the footmarks at any shopping store or you can create them yourself (time to show some creativity). I will advise you to go with own creativity as it will turn into a fun activity and will surely relief in you in big time.

• Light your house properly, use different shades of lights. You can cover your light bulbs with different plastic shades. It will give unique panorama that you are not familiar to see in your house.

• Try for the Rangoli outside your door.

These are some common ideas for decorating houses for Diwali. I am sure you all have different ideas for decorating your house for this special festival. If you want to share some, then you are welcome here.

Another Tip: If you are going to paint your house within 1-2 month gap from Diwali then I will suggest you to do it on a week or two week before Diwali (depending upon the estimated time it will take). It will refresh you completely.

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