Happy Diwali 2015 Hindi/English Essay for School Competition 2015- Essay 2


Diwali is coming near. I know what a school student goes through this time. One side he/she wants to enjoy every moment of Diwali Celebration but at the same side he or she have to prepare for various Diwali Competitions held by school. One such competition is Essay writing or speech on Diwali. So let we help you here so that you can spend most of your time with your family celebrating the auspicious festival Diwali.

Happy Diwali 2015 Essays for School Kids in English/Hindi

Hindu religion’s peoples celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm as Muslim’s community peoples celebrate their Eid and Christian’s peoples celebrate Christmas. This year Diwali will be celebrate on 11th November across the world wide. So on this occasion most of the school or colleges organizes inter or intra school/college Diwali speech competition in which students have to write essay on Happy Diwali 2015 or Diwali Celebration 2015 and if you are searching content for the essay on Diwali then you visit the right place and check the complete details below in the article.

Happy Diwali 2015 Essays

Diwali also known as ‘Deepavali’, which Hindi meaning means “Group of Candles” and “Festivals of Light”. It is one of the brightest, sweetest and cracking festivals of the Indian cultural which is celebrated once in a year either in October or November month. It is celebrated in each and every villages of the India but the way of celebration is different from each other means in North it is celebrated in different way while in South, East and West region it is celebrated in other way but they worship the same GOD i.e. Lord Rama.

How to Celebrate Diwali

This festival of Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. Before the Diwali festival, peoples clean their houses and shop. There is very interesting facts behind it, most of the peoples said that by cleaning their houses before the Diwali festival Goddess Lakshmi will came to their houses which will increase the love and money in the family.

You can also clean your houses and even design painting of various gods and other interesting painting on the walls of house which will increase the beauty of house or even some peoples also paint their house with new colours. You can decorate your homes with different design of Rangoli which you can make with various colours like Red, Yellow, Green, Pink etc.

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On the same day children love to enjoy crackers and sweets. In the later evening, initially they enjoy the cracker with friends and family members and eat different kind of sweets which are especially made for Diwali season. So you can write best essay on Diwali 2015 celebration and win the competition with first prize which will also increase the happiness of Diwali celebration.

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