Diwali 2015 Dates


Diwali 2015 is coming near and everyone is searching/thinking about Diwali 2015 Dates. You have landed here which means you are also searching for Diwali 2015 dates for adjusting your schedules, planning leaves for Diwali 2015 Leaves etc. Diwali comes somewhere in between October and November months every year. This year we all will be celebrating Diwali in November month.

Diwali 2015 Dates

Official Date of Diwali 2015 is 11 November 2015. That is going to be Wednesday (mid-day of the week). It is going to be National Holiday + 12 is going to be off in some government and private statures. You can check your company’s calendar and can plan the things accordingly.

What’s Special about Diwali 2015 Dates

I don’t know anything about astrology and kinds of stuff so please don’t expect a piece of astrological importance of Diwali 2015 here. I will just try to list down some points which I find special about Diwali 2015 Dates.
First thing is “11” i.e. Double One. One is my favorite number so I am sort of enjoying this one-one relation in Diwali 2015 date. Second and most important thing that I am loving about Diwali Dates is falling exactly the midday of the week which allows working individuals to plan holidays more effectively. Thankfully Diwali 2015 Dates are not clashing with weekends otherwise you know what happens with every working person’s mood.
Other than this, Diwali 2015 is coming in November month which means a lot cold in Northern parts of India. It feels really nice to sit around the fire, having a get together with old friends, family and sharing/spending time with them. You will understand it more when you stay away from our family and visit your home during Diwali. It is one of the best feeling that anyone can ever have.
For me, these are some special things about Diwali 2015 Dates. I am sure you are looking into dates for planning your stuff accordingly. Once again let me remind you that Diwali 2015 Date is 11 Nov 2015 Wednesday and you can plan lot of things around this date.
All the best and wish you a very happy-safe Diwali.

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