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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you might know that I am not in favor of exploding crackers on Diwali but still I know lots of you want to celebrate Diwali 2015 by cracking and exploding crackers on Diwali night. I will again request you all to stop using crackers on Deepawali or any other occasion and try be a part of green initiative (after all at the end it will obviously contribute to green initiative).

I know it’s tough to control and will perhaps require some more time before stopping it. What you can do in such cases is to minimize the use of Crackers on Diwali. Here in this article I am going to mention some websites where you can buy Diwali Crackers Online. Websites are genuine and some will give you discounts even.

Buy Deepawali Crackers Online

Here I am going to share the online portals that sounds genuine and have quality crackers for Diwali in their inventory. Besides this, stores will be offering some discount or scheme also. So let’s start.

First website that I am going to share is This website has a user friendly UI that looks catchy at the first look. Besides this, it offers a wide selection of Crackers for Diwali. On this website you will find almost every Diwali Cracker ranging from a simple Murga Chhaap Ptakha to heavy one’s. Minimum purchase should be of Rs. 1000 and once you cross 1000 INR limit, you can book your order after which the crackers will be delivered to your door step. Moreover they are giving 15% discount on every single purchase/cracker. So don’t wait, head over to portal and buy what all crackers you want to buy (but in limits please).

Second website I am going to discuss is It is a quite old website that was started long back in year 2010. From then it is serving door step crackers which says everything about its reputation over the years. Like the first website, it too offers a wide range of crackers at good rates (offers are there, you need to check them yourself).

So these are 2 online sources for buying Diwali Crackers Online that too at discounted rates. Let me know if you know any other store which is offering crackers for Deepawali at discounted rates. It will be a great help for all the cracker seekers.

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