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Diwali 2016 is around the corners and we all interested in wishing advance Diwali to all our beloved ones. Here we are with some of the best advance happy Diwali Wishes and Messages that you can use to wish Diwali before anyone else. Advance happy deepavali messages are becoming a new thing to show the care and love on this pious festival. We will post some 140 words Diwali messages so that you can use them across all social media networks and message sending services.

Advance Happy Diwali Messages/Wishes 2016

As I said earlier Advance Diwali Greetings is a great way to show your affection and care towards loved ones. Here we have listed some of the best happy Diwali 2016 advance wishes that should bring smile to reader’s face. We will very well embed all the things with happy Diwali in advance images so that you have all sort of possible mediums to wish people this grand festival.

Advance Happy Diwali Messages Wishes

Below are some Advance Happy Diwali messages:
First message is in Punjabi language. Send it just 1 day prior to Diwali so that it make sense:

Es message nu 1 din tk na dekhna..
Mai kyaa mt dekho..
Mat dekho..
Mainu pta si tusi na manoge..
Chlo ab dekh hi liya to..
Wish you Happy Diwali 2016 in Advance..May God shower health and wealth this Diwali :)

We have messages for Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam and all other local languages.

Here are Happy Diwali Advance Messages in Hindi

Kya bharosa Mobile ka, battery ka, network ka, hmaara, aapka..
Isi liye Happy Diwali in Advance

Sher kbhi chup kr shikaar nhi krna aata
Apno ko khul kr vaar krna nhi aata
11 Octboer ka kya intezar krna
Abhi se Wish You Happy Diwali in Advance

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Eco Friendly Crackers

How can we forget English, here are few Advance Diwali Wishes in English

Hey, just one news for you..
I have started accepting Diwali Gifts in form of Cash, Deposite, Gold etc..
Kindly do not wait for Diwali, deposit soon to avoid last minute rush

I know it might be bit early to wish Diwali now but going chronicle this time. Starting with the oldies first ;P

There must be something to keep our mother earth safe from pollution. We can spread it in form of message this time.

Let we not pollute earth by exploding crackers, we borrowed it from our forefathers to make it better than before and to handle it over to next generation. Let’s not pollute it by using crackers this time. Happy Crackers Free Diwali 2016.

May this Diwali bring joys, joys and joys in your life. Happy Diwali 2016!

We will keep adding new messages, wishes, quotes in coming days. Start preparing for Diwali now.

For kids, you can show below video about how Chota Bheam welcome and celebrates Diwali:

When is Diwali in 2016 ?

Diwali 2016 is on Sunday, October 2016 

Diwali 2016 is an auspicious festival in India.

Deepawali festival usually continues in India for a few more days as the celebrations is huge in India. Usually it starts with a Choti Diwali and continues for about 6 more days in most parts of India. It marks the arrival of Lord Rama from Vanvas to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman.

Other dates

Deepawali 2017 is on Thursday, October 19
Deepawali 2018 is on Wednesday, November 7
Deepawali 2019 is on Sunday, October 27
Deepawali 2020 is on Saturday, November 14

Deepawali 2016 wallpapers

Diwali 2016: Things to Take Care

Diwali 2016 Dates are coming closer and I know it must be giving goose bumps to you already. I know you celebrated Diwali 2015 like a rock star and are ready to repeat the same this year as well. Here we will discuss very common things that you need to take care about Diwali 2016.

Diwali 2016: how to make it special

If we go deep into the roots of celebrating Diwali then it is the celebration of a son coming back home after 14 years. If you are leaving away from home then the best Diwali gift you can have for your family is a well planned trip to either home or some other suitable spot (I will prefer home as Diwali is best celebrated at own home but if you want to try some vacation island then you can choose that as well).

Happy Diwali 2016

We should try to use crackers to a limit as minimum as possible. Look for the initiative from the Government. I think government should put a limit on crackers and must integrate available options like Aadhar Card, Ration Card or Voter Card even with crackers selling. There must be a limit set for each of the card and people must buy crackers within the specified limits only. Excessive crackers impact nature in a bad manner and we should avoid them as much as we can.

We should stay away for ill things like drinking, playing cards etc on such pious day. I believe it is something that is not supposed to discuss and you already know it. It can be best Diwali gift (if you were doing any such ill thing till last Diwali) if you stop doing any of these ill activities. Go ahead and try, believe me nothing will be better than this.

Prepare yourself, your home and your surroundings for Diwali. Please clean your surroundings and home properly. This is the way we can pour our part in Sawachha Bharta campaign (Clean India) also.

Make sure to buy sweets and other edible things from trusted stores only. Do not go for cheap sweats rather buy trusted sweets only (even if they are bit costlier than usual).

We have just started preparation for Diwali 2016. We will shoot more info and helping things/ideas about Diwali 2016 in coming months. Till then please start with the above mentioned things and we wish Diwali 2016 to be the best Diwali so far for you and your family.