Get your marriage registered this Diwali


Registration of marriage is one of the most essential thing that Indians are supposed to complete. Marriage Registration in different Indian states is almost on the similar lines and people are asked to follow some common steps. In this article, we will be guiding you with details about how to get your marriage registered at any Indian state. As we said earlier, steps are similar for most of the sates, but in case you want specific tutorials/steps as per your area then please let us know through comments here. In case you want to share steps that you have gone through (for marriage registration) then you are most welcome to share them over here. It will help fellow members in and around your area.

Marriage Registration Online

2 marriage related Acts are constituted in India. These laws allow citizens to get their marriage registered accordingly. Below are the laws:

Hindu Marriage Act 1955

This law is formed for Hindu origin religions only. It is applicable for Hindu, Jain, Sikh religion. People who want to register their marriage as per Hindu Act, need to submit the completely filled marriage application form at nearby registration office. Do attach all the proofs properly. You will need presence of 2 witnesses also. Your application will be scrutinized and marriage certificate will be issued accordingly.

Special Marriage Act 1954

Special Marriage Act allows marriage registration irrespective of the registrar community/religion. Anyone in India can register their marriage under special marriage act 1954. You need to submit notice inviting objections in concerned area (notice must be published in local areas of bride and groom). This notice is valid for 1 month and in case no objections are received during within this duration then SDM solemnizes the marriage. In case any objection is received, officials will look into it and will decide accordingly.

Please let us know if you need any more details.

{Best} Ganesh Chaturthi HD Images, Wallpapers | Photos | Wishes | Pics


Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is coming near and people have started searching for Ganesh chaturthi images. Here we are with some of the best vinayaka chaturthi images that you will ever find over internet. Ganesh Chaturthi is a popular Indian festival that has relevance with Lord Ganesha (people remember Lord Ganesha everytime they starts some important work in India, be it any tradition, marriage or anything like). People are also asking things like when is ganesh chaturthi this year. You will find answers to all these questions here.

Ganesh Chaturthi Images and Wallpapers

Here is the collection of ganpati pics that you can use this Vinayaka Chaturthi. You can use these ganesh photo in other occasions too. So let’s start.

Ganesh Chaturthi Wallpapers

First Vinayaka Chaturthi wallpaper is with Ridhi and Sidhi. It is a beautiful wallpaper with in complete Darshan form. You can download it from here:

Ganesh Chaturthi Wallpaper with Ridhi and Sidhi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Image

Nothing can be better than this wallpaper. Have a look and you will surely fall in love with Lord Ganesha. It prints “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi” words on it, so you can use it to wish anyone happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Image

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Leafs Wallpaper

Ganapati leafs photos is popular and people d share them time to time. Here is Ganapati wishing everyone happy Vinayaka in form of tree leafs. You are going to love t for sure too.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Leafs Wallpaper

Happy Ganapati Morpankh Wallpaper

Morpankh is supposed to be auspicious in Indian culture. This beautiful morpankh printed ganesha wallpaper (designed especially for vinayaka chaturthi) has lot to say and express. Do have a look, download it and start wishing everyone a very happy Ganesha Caturthi in Morpankh style.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Morpankh Wallpaper

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Images/Wallpapers in Marathi

Ganesh Chaturthi is although celebrated across entire India but it has special meaning in Maharashtra state. For all people who are looking for hapy Ganesh Chaturthi messages, wishes, images and wallpapers in Marathi; here we have something special. This wallpaper wishes Ganesh Chaturthi in Marathi and embeds beautiful/attractive graphics at the same time.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Images Marathi

Here are few other Vinayaka Chaturthi wishes in Marathi.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Images Marathi_1

You can use below image as your Facebook Cover pic too. It comes with a message (in Marathi) along with a beautiful Ganesha image.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Images Facebook Cover

This is our collection for Ganesh Chaturthi Images/Wallpapers. Do let us know if you want more wallpapers in any category.

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Best Vinayaka Chaturthi Wallpapers

{Best} Diwali 2016 Gift Ideas


Diwali the festival of light is known for lights/celebration and gifts. It is one of the biggest Indian celebrated that is celebrated during October-Nov every year.

Check: When is Diwali in 2016

Like every year, you will be presented with many gifts and at the same time you must be thinking about gift ideas for Diwali 2016. If you are in dilemma then here we are to help you with deciding gifts for your Diwali 2016. We will give you general ideas of what kind of gifts do people generally expect and like at occasion of Diwali.

Electronic/Digital Gifts for Diwali 2016

Digital Diwali Gifts are in fashion these days. It can be anything starting from electric Diwali candles to full-fledged smartphones. By the way we have just heard about ChampOne C1 Smartphone getting launched in India on 2nd September 2016. It is one of the cheapest smartphone that we have seen this year (after Freedom 251) so you can thinking of it and can buy ChampOne C1 Smartphone as gift to any of the relative. They will surely love it.

Except smartphone you can move towards custom lights that can be designed as per one’s need. You can gift your loved lights of their names or something they love. They will love it for sure.

Game controllers are best if you children in your gifting list. Do get some gaming console this Diwali, believe me they are going to thank you the entire year.

Typical Gifts for Diwali 2016

Digital section is not necessary always as we surely do have members who find it hard to manage digital things. Typical Diwali gifts are best for such relatives. You can go for anything from a simple chocolate box to organizing small get together with family/friends. Time is the most precious gift that one can give this Diwali. Spend some quality time with your beloved ones, they will remember it for years. Make it a habit to repeat the same every year. By doing so you will create a different impact and will utilize Diwali to utmost.

Plan some outings with your family (try picnic spots near your home), have some movie time, participate in Diwali customs (be it anything). It will create a positive aura around your home and you will see the impacts clearly. Sweets are something which are used most in Diwali so you can think about them as well.

Unorthodox Diwali Gifts

Unorthodox gifts are becoming popular in India now. Talking about gifting something in an unorthodox manner on this Diwali then you can try quitting bad habits (let say smoking or drinking) which will make your family happy. You can do something that your parents want you to do from always.

These are some of the common gifting ideas for Diwali. Do share your own gifting ideas so that viewers can have wide range while selecting Diwali Gift this year.